Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend run

I had a wonderful weekend.  It was very quiet: after work on Friday I barely left my house, which was completely wonderful.  The only things I accomplished was a short list of errands, going to mass, and going to yoga.

On Sunday morning I took a leisurely run through some nearby neighborhoods.  I love one in particular because it has a lake and I like to run around the lake:

On this particular morning I saw a lot of wildlife.  First of all, I saw lots of geese and ducks ducking into the water and quacking at each other.  The geese were fighting about something.

Then, I looked over and saw something strange swimming in the water:
It was a beaver!  He was swimming near the top of the water and then continuously ducked down into the water to get into his dam. 

Finally, on the way home, I ran along, minding my own business, when I neared a subdivision entrance.  I saw a little furball on the side of the road and grew sad because I figured that someone had run over a cat (it looked tabby).  After more consideration, however, I realized that the furball was in fact moving and unballing.  Eventually a raccoon head peeked out at me when I was about a foot away from it!  I bit my upper lip SO hard to keep from screaming and startling it and ran very quickly away.  I don't know much about animals but I do know that I did not want to run right into a raccoon.  Luckily, he was too drowsy to do much to me, so I escaped. 

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Kathy said...

Oh, Abbie, that is really neat! I thought you were going to say you saw a snake, because just this morning Sarah and I were saying it must be snake season!