Thursday, March 29, 2012


A few weeks ago I went home and stole our old Gameboy Pocket from my brother's room.  I remember opening that thing up for Christmas one year: it was supposed to be a shared gift but I'm sure that by the end of it my parents wished that they had just bought us each one becuase we probably fought over it more than we played!  Game boys were SO COOL back in the 90s and it was so fun to have one!

Anyway, my favorite game was Warioland.  It is kind of like a mario game except the player plays Wario, a greedy little man whose goal is to bank coins so that he can end up buying his dream house (what a hilarious end goal for a kid).  I've been playing again just for fun and it is so. much. fun. 

Did you have a Gameboy?


Heather said...

For me it was a "cool" 80s Atari. :) Pac-Man all the way and a game called "Fast Food" were my favs

Jules said...

Remember freshman year of college when we used to play Pokemon on our gameboys at night?? Good times!