Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Since I don't have kids you get cute pictures of my dog

 Seriously, people.  Is there a cuter dog in the world?  I mean, look at that face.
 This face is why he got to explore outside all weekend and have pieces of bacon. 
Cute things that Paco has done lately:

- David has been studying again and he generally studies in one spot.  One time he called Paco and Paco ran right downstairs to David's study area and searched for David even though David wasn't there.  It was SO cute.
- Paco now barks and chases at Thorina when he finishes his walk.  If Arwen is there, he never barks at her because he tries to be polite to her.
-  When I get home before David, he sits and waits for David to get home by the garage door.  His little tail wags in anticipation. 

Dogs really are faithful friends.  Paco is no exception.

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Kathy said...

I do have to admit he is cute and sounds smart, too!