Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Questions

I saw this adorable meme on Blue Eyed Bride's blog and thought that I would share!  I love Valentine's Day and don't think that it is hokey at all.  Why don't we have a day to celebrate love?  I loved these questions and thought that they would be fun to try.  If you want, answer them for yourself in the comments!

1. How long have you and your significant other been together?
 We have been together for seven years.  We met in January 2004 and then started dating in January 2005. 

2. How did you meet? {What’s your “love” story?}
 David and I both joined the same co-ed honor fraternity in college the same semester.  I suppose that I may have met him during rush, but my first memory of him was when we were lining up for the induction ceremony.  That semester, we became really great friends.  

The next fall, though, I enrolled in a History of Math course and he was a math major, so I asked him for help on my homework.  That semester, he worked in the game room at our college, so I would go and visit him in the game room every evening that he worked.  I would bring him ice cream (that was full of that I am married to him I know that he doesn't even love sprinkles, but he ate them anyway!) and he taught me how to play pool.  None of my friends were really dating anybody seriously at the time and I remember laying in bed with the lights out and with my roommate in her bunk wondering when we would find boyfriends.  She always said, "why don't you date David?!?" and I would reply, "no way!"

Eventually, though, I realized that I liked him.  I remember one day, I walked in to the game room with a hat and my hair in braids and he said, "you look darling."  My heart skipped a beat!  Apparently he had liked me all semester but never got the nerve to tell me.  Then, over Thanksgiving, he gave up hope on us and took another girl to see a movie and I realized that my feelings were hurt because of that!  When we got back to school we finally got together.  

Another funny note: we both attended the same camp in high school, had the same friends, and most likely met each other.  However, we don't remember meeting!  We joke that we were meant for each other but that just wasn't the time for us to meet.   

3. If married, how long have you been married?
We have been married for 4.5 years.  

4. If you are married, where did you get married? Big or small wedding?
We got married in my home church in my hometown.  We had a big wedding...303 people!  It was one of the best days of my life.  Having everybody there to support us just meant so much.  Plus, our wedding day went off without a hitch and I think that everybody had a blast.  It was truly a happy celebration with our family and friends. 

5. Do you have any nick-names that you call one another? Do share!
Yes!  David calls me "fair maiden" every day and "sweetheart" when he is mad at me.  Ha!  I call him "bubby". 

6. Name 3 things you love most about your honey.
The thing I love most about David is how kind he is.  I told him once that he is inherently kind.  People feel at ease when they are around him.  If David feels like someone is left out or sad, he feels sorry for them and wants to help them.  He also has a way of always making me feel better and good about myself.  His kindness is a trait that I really admire.

I also love how calming he is.  I always feel that other people, especially children, can sense his calmness.  Finally, I love how he pushes me---he always keeps me on my toes and does not hesitate to tell me when he disagrees with me!

7. Tell us how he proposed?
He took me on a scavenger hunt around our college town, where he had hid 25 reasons he loves me on little pieces of paper!  He also had an ice cream waiting along the way, which was one of my favorite parts!  It was such a great story.

8. Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy for v-day, or strawberries, champagne, and rose petals?
I would say more flowers and teddy bear, although he isn't really either!  Ha!

9. Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop a movie in and relax on the couch?
I love being at home with David and popping a movie in and relaxing on the couch.  We can't forget the pizza and wine!  He eats the cheese off my pizza and I eat his crusts.  We are both homebodies...we love to be at home with our pets.

10. Tell us one thing you’d like to do with your significant other one day. If you could do anything? Go anywhere?
I would love to go to NYC with David someday.  Other than that, we have already had lots of fun adventures together, so I would love to dance at our 50th wedding anniversary with lots of grandkids around us.

11. Tell us what you plan on doing on this Valentine’s Day.
We will probably stay in that evening.  I plan to make a delicious pasta dish and relax.

12. Are you asking for anything this Valentine’s day?
Another cat!  Haha...just joking.  I asked for perfume.  David asked for a coffee mug with a lid on it.  So hard! 

13. Give us one piece of advice of keeping a relationship strong and full of love.
I think my number one piece of advice is to learn how to ask for forgiveness.  When we went to Engaged Encounter, we learned how to say we are sorry to each other and that it does not matter if the other person's hurt feelings are reasonable or seem justified---if they are hurt you should say you are sorry.  Asking for forgiveness is a two-way street because the other person has to give their forgiveness.  

14. Show us a picture of what love means to you.


Anonymous said...

Loved reading that!!

Kathy said...

Abbie, that was so darling! I'm going to print it and put it in my and in David's Precious Memories tubs in the basement!

I feel like I always thought my family members loved sprinkles as much as I do, and it was a rude awakening when I found out they do not!

I hope I'm around to dance at your 50th wedding anniversary!

I'm glad you're appreciating things you learned on your Engaged Encounter Weekend!