Thursday, February 09, 2012

Snippet: feeding the cats

I really enjoy other people's posts where they describe their day or describe a daily routine.  One day I was thinking about our daily activities and I realized that even my husband has no clue what I really do all day.  When I leave for work, he is out of the loop in my routine and we don't really update each other too much on our goings-on.  This is completely fine, but I thought that I would show my readers some more mundane details. 

This week I wanted to share what I have to do every day when I first wake up.  When I finally roll out of bed or get home from a quick run, this is what I see:

Oh yes, I love this wall.

That picture quickly turns into this:
Quit taking pictures of me and get me my food, lady!
 And now here is the second one coming:
My sister better not be getting something that I am not getting!
 Finally this:
Feed us!
This is usually accompanied with loud meows and demands for a quicker pace.  My cats definitely don't want a late breakfast!


Kathy said...

I loved visiting Peter this week and being in a house with a house cat! I think Little Sweet Jeannie thinks she is in heaven now!

Heather said...

This made me laugh out loud at my workplace! It reminds me so much of Ellie. I've only had her two weeks but she knows when she wants breakfast!