Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Replacing Scrubbers

I bought a kitchen sink scrubber when David and I moved into our house two years ago and realized this past weekend that it looked grungy, so I threw it in the dishwasher.  It still looked grungy so I bought a new scrubber to use.  To the left is the new scrubber and to the right is the old one...yuck!  I didn't even realize that I was scrubbing our dishes with such a nasty implement! 
How often do you replace your cleaning supplies, like mops, scrubbers, etc.?  I try to be more frugal with things like this but often supplies get too dirty to use!


Sarah said...

They say that a kitchen sponge has more germs than anywhere else in the house, but I think if you throw it in the dishwasher periodically it is fine. We use the scrubby things with the hollow handle for soap with a sponge at the end, and I use those until the sponge is falling apart and leaving little sponge pieces on our dishes - probably too long!

Jules said...

ohmygosh that is so funny because I just got home from buying a new scrubber tonight!! I, like you, tend to be frugal with replacing those types of supplies, but agree sometimes it just needs to be done. I try to keep an eye on them and when they look like they've reached the end of their lives I'll get replacement - no set schedules for replacement or anything for me!

Kathy said...

This is why I can't get with the program of washing dishes with those scrubbers that everybody uses these days! After Sarah kept talking me into it, so it would be so easy to keep up with dishes, which we don't do, I bought one like she has. But I ended up giving it to Peter for his new house. I would rather let dishes that I don't load pile up for two or three days, and then wash them in a sink of water, using a clean dishcloth, although that isn't the greatest plan either.