Monday, February 06, 2012

Our Weekend

 We had a great weekend!  On Friday evening we hung out at home after I had a reallly long day at work.  It was the perfect evening: I ordered pizza and we chowed down.  I watched a movie while David studied.  :)

Then, on Saturday, I had brunch with my friend Jancin and then we went on a little errand run to the American Girl store (my niece got an American Girl, which I love, so I was thrilled to have an excuse to go into the store!) and then to Nordstrom Rack, which was pretty cool. 

Then, that evening, we went to David's sister's house for a fun evening eating and watching the MU/KU game!  It was so much fun and the game was amazing.  Go tigers!!!!
Game face
Finally, on Sunday, we went to a Super Bowl party!  My favorite part is the food and it did not disappoint! 

Did you do anything fun for the sporting events this weekend?

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