Friday, February 10, 2012


Sorry for the bad word in the title, but these videos are going all around the internet right now so I had to share this.  The "Forty Four" accent is straight from my mom's mouth.  Someone commented that St. Louisians don't really have that accent, but clearly they had never been to South St. Louis and heard someone say, "four", "quarter", or "forty".  SO funny.


Kate said...

God this is awesome. So true.

That accent drives me effin' nuts, but I must confess to a deeply-held dislike of a couple specific people who possess it. So it's probably more to do with the people than the accent.

Anonymous said...

Abbie, Yes, I have heard forty four many times from your mom's mouth, but I'm used to it----now I will smile when I hear her say it!
Thanks, that was good for the smile of the day!
God bless and love, Juanita

Anonymous said...

I loved it!

There was a front page story in the Post this week and a feature on the Charles Brennan Show on KMOX, about a local researcher who is doing a study on why St. Louisans say, "Where did you go to high school?"

Sarah said...

This was funny. Steve used to say that St. Louis people had accents, but I couldn't hear it. I can definitely hear it now, particularly with Grandma Ruth!