Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recent cooking adventures and our weekend

We had a great weekend this weekend...on Friday we went to David's work holiday party and then on Saturday went out to celebrate a good friend's birthday.  On Sunday we hung out and then went to a Pitch party, where my team won the top prize!  Yay!  On Monday we had a wonderful day full of relaxation.  So perfect.
 I wanted to share some recent cooking adventures that I've had rather than writing another Italy post today.  The Italy posts will finish up this week and then we will be back to our normal programming. 

On New Year's Day I made a batch of cinnamon rolls.  They were good but I added wayyyy too much cinnamon.  I used Pioneer Woman's recipe but honestly I don't think that the icing is any good.  I need to find a different recipe. 

Later that weekend I made these delicious stuffed red peppers:
 I usually go an Italian route with these, using Italian spices, but this time I had leftover Mexican rice so I used that for the sake of finishing it up.  I added corn and sausage (a key ingredient!) and these were so very good.
 Later that week I used other Mexican leftovers (chicken, corn, beans, etc.) to make a quick Mexican tortilla soup, which was pretty good:
 And then I made a tasty bolognese sauce (I'm obsessed with the stuff after Italy):
My basic recipe: I process a bit of onion, celery, and carrot and saute it in a bit of butter and olive oil.  Then, I use red wine to get the bits off the bottom of the pan and add a can of (fancier than I usually use) pureed tomatoes.  Finally, I add a pound of hamburger.  I let this sit and simmer for about 45 minutes and it was divine.  Next time I want to add a touch of whipping cream to make it go over the top.

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