Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Our New Year

We had a fabulous New Year.  After returning from Italy on late Thursday evening, we experienced a bad bout of jet lag.  Luckily I was off work so I hightailed it to yoga on Friday morning!  It felt so good to get back into the swing of working out.

On Friday afternoon, we lazed around the house and that evening we had dinner with David's parents.  It was nice to see them since we missed all of the Christmas festivities with his family.

On Saturday morning, I went to yoga again and that afternoon we cleaned the house.  That evening, we celebrated the New Year by enjoying some appetizers and drinks at our house with our friends Jancin and Zach and then it was off to a New Year's party with our friend Matt!  We had a great time.

On Sunday, we decided to go for a long run and then we met with David's sister's family for some black eyed peas and gumbo.  Finally, we were both off on Monday, so we had to un-decorate the house and relax some more.  I'll tell you: this long vacation from work has spoiled me!

How was your New Year?

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