Thursday, January 12, 2012

Italy: Wednesday!

 Wednesday was a very special day because that morning we went to a Papal Audience!  It was a TON of fun and a great experience.  I highly encourage you do go if you can while in Rome. 
 We ended up getting great seats: my mom was two rows from the front and I was seven rows from the front with the rest of my family!  I will post more tips about it later.  After it was over, we went to St. Peter's Square one more time:
 And then decided to find the Pantheon.  One thing I love about Rome is that you can walk around the city and all of a sudden see ruins among the apartments and other, more modern buildings.  The scenery is so wonderful. 

David and I went to this restaurant right next to the Pantheon in 2006 when we went to Rome, so we were excited to see that it is still open:
 We sipped hot chocolate there while looking at the beauty of the Pantheon:

After that, David and I decided to walk around the city together.  I will share those pics in a post of their own, but here is a picture of our last sunset in Rome.  It was such a wonderful trip and Rome is such a great city.  I love it.

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