Thursday, January 05, 2012

Italy: Saturday morning and early afternoon

On Saturday morning we woke up, more rested and happy with sleep!  We ate breakfast in our hotel (we had breakfast included every day....highly recommended).  After that and with plans to see the ruins that day, we headed out of our hotel!  We stayed very near Termini station (more on that later), so we wandered into the Baths of Diocletian.  After looking at the ruins for a little while (and being laughed at by the workers as we read straight from the Rick Steve's book), we went into the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels and Martyrs, which was a gorgeous church.  We stood in awe of the sight of the gorgeous sculpture and paintings.

After that, we walked around Repubblica Teatro dell'Opera, a square near the church, and realized we were hungry.  The nearest restaurant was a McDonald's, so we were bad tourists and went to McDonald's for a quick coffee and french fries.  We literally gobbled up our french fries together and then a man offered us his.  I'm not kidding.  He probably thought that we were very hungry.

We finally meandered via the subway to the Colosseum:


We didn't reserve tickets (you should), so we had to wait in line.  However, we were only in line for about twenty minutes. 
Inside the Colosseum: 
After that, we went to the ruins, which were gorgeous:
It started to sprinkle and rain, so we decided to leave the ruins and walk to the Victor Emmanuel monument. After the sprinkle turned to a more pouring rain, we ducked into a restaurant, which turned out to be nasty (warning: don't go to restaurants with the food out in a display case when you get there), so we walked to a different place.  This place had no English on the menu and the people who worked there also did not speak much English.  Perfect.
Dad ordered a house red wine (glass) and he got a pitcher of this house white wine.  When they brought it we thought it was a condiment of some sort and then when we asked them what it was they laughed.  Then my dad ordered and got eggplant, which is the one thing he does not like, so we all got a good laugh.  This experience made me want to learn Italian!

After our delicious meal we headed to Trevi fountain:
I threw in a coin so I can return to Rome:

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Kathy said...

You are such a great tour guide! I love your dad's darling wine pitcher!