Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Italy: Monday

On Monday we woke up to our first Florentine morning.  My mom, David, and I decided to take a run around Florence.  We crossed the river and climbed up a hill with an incredible view of the city.  Running is a great way to see a city because you can get far in a short amount of time...I love to do that whenever I'm on vacation. 

After the run, we ate a delicious breakfast at our hotel and headed out into the city. 
Our first stop was the Uffizi, an incredible art gallery that was built starting in 1560 by Vasari.  The building was great and we saw many famous works, including Botticelli's Birth of Venus and Leonardo's Annunciation.  It was gorgeous and very reminiscent of the Renaissance.  I loved it!  

Walking around after:

Our next stop was to see David by Michelangelo, which was incredible.  David especially enjoyed it.  :)
A gorgeous door
After taking a brief break at the hotel, we went to the Duomo, but it was closing early that day because it was the day after Christmas.  So, we just looked in the inside quickly and moved on.    That evening, we went to eat at another delicious restaurant, where I had the best Bolognese sauce EVER.  It was SO delicious that I still dream about it to this day.  YUM!
Every night, after dinner, we went on a quest for the best desserts.  My most memorable find was a delicious meringue. 

Florence was amazing, and I really enjoyed it!

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Kathy said...

That all sounds so neat--especially the running and desserts and family togetherness!