Monday, January 09, 2012

Italy: Christmas Day

After experiencing Christmas Eve at the Vatican, we slept in pretty late on Christmas Day.  Before the trip started, I decided to make Christmas a travel day because everything was closed.  We did find some restaurants open, but overall Italy shut down for the holiday. 

At around noon, we checked out of our hotel and then hopped on a train to Florence.  We took a slow (non-bullet) train, so it took about three hours, which afforded us many gorgeous views of Tuscany:

 Three hours later, we were in Florence!
Christmas Day pictures:
That night, we found a delicious restaurant and enjoyed a yummy Christmas dinner:
It was a great Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading about your family adventure!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Have a Happy New Year!
god bless and love, Juanita