Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend!  On Friday evening we went to see the Nutcracker at the Kauffman Center.  It was a lot of fun!  David and I really enjoyed going out on a date night for the holidays.  We haven't been to the new Center yet, so it was fun to see the building.  It was also fun to see the production.  My favorite part is the second act, when all of the famous dances happen.

 On Saturday I went to yoga and did a little Christmas shopping...which reminded me of why I enjoy shopping online mostly!  The lines were huge at one store in particular, but I don't want to reveal where I went because I may spill one of Santa's secrets!

Finally, on Saturday evening, we went out to eat with some friends that we haven't seen in a while.  We went to Jazz, a Cajun-themed place here in Kansas City that David and I loved.  It was fun to see them and we enjoyed the food.  After that was over, we drove around town to look at Christmas lights, which was fun!  The lights were gorgeous on some houses.  We ended our evening here:

This guy made a LED Christmas tree that lit up with music that he put on the radio.  It was really amazing. 

I can't believe that Christmas is already so close.  I really enjoy slowing down and enjoying the holidays, and this year I have been trying to remind myself to stop and enjoy the Christmas lights, cold weather, and delicious sweet treats.  My favorite part of Christmas is the decorations.  I love coming home to our Christmas tree lit up and decorated.  What is your favorite part?


Sarah said...

I agree; online shopping is the way to go! This year I feel like I'm sadly missing out on some of the fun and excitement of Christmas because it seems overshadowed by the fun and excitement of moving. Also, our Christmas tree is up in a house where we only see it once a day so that also makes it a little harder to feel all Christmas-y all the time.

Kathy said...

Tom heard a good homily this weekend about Glad Tidings. The point was just to remember not to rush around and feel all frazzled like many women do during December. Keep your focus on the Glad Tidings! I'm trying to consciously do that. We are going to drive around Kansas City this weekend and see Christmas lights, which I also love!