Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Our Holiday party

As promised, here are the details from our holiday party:
The theme for our party was a United Nations of beers party.  In the invitation we asked everybody to bring a six pack of beer from a different country around the world.  During the party everybody exchanges beer so that each guest ends up with a six pack of various beers from around the world. 

This year I decided to keep it simple and send a Facebook invitation.  I like the simplicity of FB invites, but honestly it is really fun to get an invitation in the mail!  Next year I think we will send paper invitations.  Another issue I noticed was that some people don't really check Facebook much, so they did not see the invitation until the last minute.  Some of those people were able to make it, but I think that sending paper invitations would ensure that everybody receives them.  Plus, it is always fun to get mail!

The party started at 8:00 p.m., so the plan was to serve light appetizers.  I made the following:
  • meatballs (surprise, surprise!  Haha!)
    • Honestly, these were kind of a waste to make.  I have decided that people aren't really comfortable with lifting a crock pot lid (especially when it is on and hot) to get things out of a crock pot (at least I certainly always feel that way at a party!).  So, while serving some kind of meat is probably a good idea, I don't think I will serve mine in a crock pot again.  
    • Last year we served bourbon weenies and they went over much better.
  • caramel popcorn (this deserves its own post)
    • One word: yum.  Look for this tomorrow!
  • chips and pineapple salsa (from Trader Joe's)
    • This went over very well.  Everybody likes salsa and chips!
  • olives 
    • Nobody ate these, so they were probably a waste to put out.  However, I just had them in my fridge and I really like them, so I sat them out.  After the party I just put them back so it really wasn't a huge deal.
  • meat and cheese plate
    • Every year, this seems to be people's favorite thing.  I like to buy salami from the store deli counter, "fancy" cheeses, and "fancy" crackers.  I sometimes also buy pepperoni, which people seem to like.  
Other people brought some cheesy dips, which people really enjoyed.  Those types of dips aren't my forte since I don't love cheese, so I am always happy when people bring them!  We moved the party from the upstairs to our basement midway through the evening, so it was great to simply pick up the dips and carry them downstairs.  

Besides the beer, we served Christmas cookie martinis (one part vanilla vodka, one part butternut schnapps, one part Bailey's).  Everybody loves those!

We played flip cup and Trivial Pursuit, which is a bit of a tradition at our Christmas parties! 

Overall I think that everything went well, so that was good.  I can't wait for next year's party!


Kathy said...

That all sounds delightful. You guys are such good hosts! Personally, I would prefer meatballs to worldly beers!

Pop R said...

I would prefer meatballs soaked in worldly beers.