Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Nativity

Yet again, our animals are defacing our nativity set.  Seriously, if you put a religious article in our home our cats are extremely quick to hop on it, bat it, or otherwise destroy it.  This year, they have focused on one particular sheep in the set.  When we get home, we note that the sheep is on the floor under the nativity set, and a cat is usually sitting next to it.  Okay, I kid.  It is really just one cat: Thorina. 

How can she possibly go through the entire set and pick out one particular sheep?  I put it in different places and yet on multiple days it was the one on the floor.  Sheesh.

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Anonymous said...

RORO says try to hide that sheep and see if she goes after the other sheep. Maybe if she goes after Jesus, He will put some "grace" into her and then she will leave it alone for good!Worth a try!