Monday, December 05, 2011

Meatball Subs

One of our favorite dinners is meatball subs.  The recipe is pretty easy, really.  I do not love frozen meatballs, so I usually make mine homemade.

My favorite recipe is from this soup recipe.  I simply make the meatballs and then add some red sauce.  Normally, I add oregano, crushed red pepper, some sugar, basil, and a dash of salt to the red sauce.

Then, I buy a loaf of crusty store-bought bread, cut it in half, spread it with oregano and olive oil, and toast it in the oven at 350 for about 10-20 minutes (I just watch it to see when it is finished).

The result is a crunchy and chewy meaty sandwich (by the way, we have figured out that the sandwich is better if the meatballs are cut in is much easier to handle).  This makes a delicious weeknight meal that everybody is sure to enjoy!

I have to admit that my blog posting has been rather sparse lately.  We have just been very busy, and sometimes life prevents me from keeping up with the blogging.  The Thanksgiving holiday has already come and gone, so sometimes I just like to give up a few duties in order to enjoy doing other things with family and friends.  So, please forgive me if the blog is neglected!

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