Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Do you remember when you were in school and learned all about Thanksgiving?  I thought that it would be fun to recall the facts we learned in Social Studies, so I read the Wikipedia article on Thanksgiving!  So fun! 

Blue Eyed Bride posted these questions so I thought that it would be fun to answer them!  Comment with yours!

1. Do you eat stuffing or dressing? Stuffing!
2. Did you ever dress up as a pilgrim at school? (I did!  Every year, all of the Kindergarten classes in my school got together and dressed up as either Indians or Pilgrims.  I was a pilgrim.  The school invited the support staff to a Thanksgiving dinner and the paper would always take a picture of the class.  I remember my Grandma coming to the lunch (she was my school nurse), so that made me feel extra special!  It is a little tradition in my town.)
3. What is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving?  I enjoy the stuffing piled high with gravy....oh, and rolls....and casseroles.....this could go on forever.  I love Thanksgiving meal!
4. Are you all about the turkey? Or all about the sides? (The SIDES)
5. Do you have a pumpkin pie at your house? Do you eat it? (Yes!  We always have a pumpkin pie because my Grandma makes it.  It is very delicious and I look forward to it all year long!)
6. Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in your pajamas while cooking every year? (I don't cook, but I watch it in the morning!  It really makes me feel like it is the holiday time!)
7. What other traditions do you associate with Thanksgiving? (The weekend after Thanksgiving, David and I decorate our house for Christmas, which I love!)


Kathy said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for traditions. I love the way our family goes away together to celebrate. I especially love playing Rothermich Family Trivia and writing and sharing our blessings from the past year. I love the Iffrig Family Cookie-Baking Day on Thanksgiving weekend, too. It's funny, but I don't have many thoughts about food traditions. I love your town kindergarten tradition. Abbie, I'm surprised you didn't mention Rothermich Family Trivia as one of your favorite traditions! We're looking forward to seeing you and David tomorrow!

Alexandra Hunt said...

Fun! I live for stuffing! ;)