Monday, October 03, 2011

Our weekend

This weekend we were home after quite a few weekends out of town.  While our other weekends were a lot of fun, it was nice to have a weekend to catch up on housework and simply enjoy being home!  David and I are both homebodies, I think, so we enjoyed our time in our house. 

On Friday evening I went with my friend Jancin to Bella Napoli, an Italian place in KC.  I must say that I am usually pretty disappointed by Italian in Kansas City because I am used to going to The Hill in St. Louis for delicious Italian.  Kansas City's restaurants don't really compare.  However, Bella Napoli was delicious.  I had a salad for my starter and then a pasta dish with Bolognese sauce.  Oh my heavens, it was delicious.  The noodles were the perfect consistency and I am pretty sure that they were homemade.  The meat, veggies, and bit of cream in the sauce combined to make the best red sauce I've had in a while. 

Paco running errands
We ended the night with us both getting dessert.  I usually do not get dessert but I was happy I did because I had spumoni ice cream with a chocolate candy shell drizzled over it.  I love spumoni but haven't had it in years.  It was so good but the pasta stole the show for me.

On Saturday morning I ran and did some yoga, and that afternoon I made a trip to Target.  After cleaning a bit, we went to mass and my dad came to visit with one of his friends after they watched the Northwest/Pitt State game at Arrowhead stadium.  We got Jack Stack BBQ, which did not disappoint. 

I ran 10 miles on Sunday morning and then decided to decorate for Halloween.  I really wanted to clean up our front flower bed, but unfortunately the entire thing is currently ravaged by bees.  Do bees go away as the temperatures get colder?  I hope so. 

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Kathy said...

Abbie, I have been mulling over the thought of loving to be home, but actually having such a full schedule that we are rarely ever home! We had a super-hectic weekend, so Tom and I are discussing this topic, which we do periodically, but things probably won't change.