Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Omelette Fail

Last night I had a very intense workout at yoga.  It is a good thing because now that my bridesmaid duties are finished, I have been eating everything under the sun.  Seriously.  I am not a good dieter but rather believe in just eating in a generally more healthy fashion, but for two weeks leading up to the weddings I tried to limit my ice cream, cake, cookies, and salty snack habit (generally healthy eating, huh?). 

After the weddings....man....I have sampled everything from ice cream to cookie dough to sweet potato chips to creamy and delicious pasta to pizza to BBQ to french fries. 

One thing I did NOT sample, though, were these eggs that I made for David on Saturday morning.  After my run I saw him in the kitchen, grabbing the eggs, and I asked if I could make his eggs for him so that he could study.  The advantage for me is that I can practice my omelette making skills, even though I despise eggs (and yes, I have tried them since I grew into adulthood...I made eggs every day for about a month for my breakfast many different ways and I still don't like them).  I always whip up a pretty delightful first step but by the time the second step (folding) happens my eggs are a mess.  Why? 

David says that we have the wrong kind of pan to make an omelette.  Another issue may have been the fact that I used a TON of half and half and used five eggs.  Do you even add cream or milk to an omelette?  At any rate, here is what it looked up post-folding:
So I chopped it up...
and made a delicious egg scramble instead. 
Are you good at making omelettes?


Grandma Bert said...

I'm not an omelette expert, but I think your problem may be using more than 2 eggs. It then is just too thick to fold well.

Kathy said...

Scrambled eggs taste as good as omelets, even though they aren't as fancy! Poor Davey, having to study so constantly! It's nice of you to be so helpful to him, even making his eggs.

Pa-in-law said...

Your pa-in-law makes a great 3 egg omelet and even flips it like a pro!