Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My weekend

I had a great weekend this past weekend!  We were home most of the weekend and relaxed most of the time (I should have been cleaning!  oops!), but on Saturday I managed to stop relaxing and go to a pumpkin patch with my friend Jancin! 

The pumpkin patch was located in Louisburg, Kansas, and was a ton of fun.  They had delicious apple cider doughnuts and sparkling apple cider.  We watched the apples being made into apple cider while we listened to the band:
The band was....interesting.  The announcer tried to teach the children about Kansas history.  Being from Missouri and thus supporting my home team, the themes made me laugh.  I guess this is what they call historical children's music?  Themes:
  • How Carrie Nation is a great Kansan and how you are horrible person if you eat tobacco, wear skirts, or drink alcohol (in fact, you will go to hell...and no, I don't get the skirt part);
  • About the Civil War Era raids in Lawrence and how a bunch of parents died;
  • How a little boy went to town and his dad got shot and he was lonely.
Seriously.  However, the tunes were upbeat and so the kids bounced along as if nothing was going on.  The parents just looked at each other.
We had a great time!

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