Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Like cat nip

Arwen has a sudden infatuation with cat nip.  "Sudden" meaning that I put it in her toy and open this bag of cat nip every evening for her to sniff.  She LOVES it!  Look:

 Mmmmm...smells good!
 If only I could get a little closer...

Oh yes, this will be juuuusst purrrect...

Nom nom nom.

Speaking of eating, I made this delicious pasta last week.  
One of my favorite pastas is a basic white wine cream sauce.  Basically, you saute vegetables (I usually use onions as my base and add other vegetables as desired for flavoring), pour some white wine in the pan, and then add cream at the end.  This time, I also used shrimp and bacon.  My reaction to this pasta is pretty much like Arwen's reaction to the cat nip above.
Nom nom nom.
For my next pasta sauce, I plan to try this...the world's simplest spaghetti sauce.  Delicious.

Do you have a basic pasta sauce that you love? 

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Kathy said...

I enjoyed reading the blog about the pasta sauce, especially since just this morning Sarah was encouraging me to make roasted broccoli. I read all the comments about the sauce, but don't think I could bring myself to make it with all that butter! Although I have always used canned sauce, which may be even less healthy!