Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Big trouble

This weekend I decided to do a craft project.  A few months ago, David's grandmother gave me a bag of cat nip because her cat died.  I did not think much of it until I found myself looking at the cat toy department in Target the other day.  I saw a cat nip toy that had a Velcro closure and wanted to buy it.  I decided against it, though, when I saw that the toy was something like $5!  Instead, I decided to try a crafty project. 

Here were my steps:
1.  Yell down at David, who is in the basement, and inquire regarding the whereabouts of our sewing kit (nonchalantly).

2. Locate said sewing kit.

3.  Locate toy that the cats never touch. 

4.  Try to cut a hole into the toy with the sewing scissors provided in the kit. 

5.  Realize that the sewing scissors are meant for safety toddler use and will be absolutely no help to you in this project.

6.  Cut a hole into the toy with huge human-sized scissors. 

7.  Cut hole a bit larger so you can try to pull the stuffing out of the toy.

8.  Realize that the seam of the toy was right next to your cut; thus, the toy is now coming apart.

9.  Frantically try to sew the seam back together.

10.  Take out stuffing.

11.  Block overactive kitty whose nose is turning bright red because of the the nip from your craft project.

12.  Stuff the nip into the toy before the cat goes bonkers.  Cat is now rolling on the ground at your feet.

13.  Sew craft project back together.

14.  Yell down at your husband the reason why you asked for the sewing kit.

15.  Again, make your husband wonder why exactly he took you out on that first date.


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