Thursday, October 06, 2011


Contemplating the death of Steve Jobs last night, I thought back to my many memories featuring Apple computers.  Surprisingly, I have many.

  • When I was very, very little, my mom was a typing teacher at school and sometimes we were able to have a computer at home.  We had one that had actual floppy disks (they really flopped).  My brother and I played a game featuring a mouse and Mavis Beacon typing.  
  • One day, I came home from school and the UPS man had delivered a real Macintosh.  This was my family's first computer.  It was a huge honking thing, but I really, really loved it.  I have a bunch of memories on that computer:
    • Playing Dinopark Tycoon---not only was I playing that game, but I played it on a sample CD, so I could only play it for ten minutes at a time.
    • Playing Sim Farm....plant the peaches.  They are the best investment by far.
    • Then later, playing Sim City.  
    • Getting on Yahoo! Chat with my friend Jolene and talking about the Backstreet Boys for hours and hours on end.  
    • Printing tons and tons of pictures of the Backstreet Boys to hang in my room. 
    • Playing on Groiler Encyclopedia
  • Later, we had Macs at school in the computer lab:
    • VERY fast walking to get to the default leader in The Oregon Train (where multiple computers could play at once) first so that when everybody voted for themselves to be the leader I would win by default (I don't think I made it to the default computer very often).  
    • Playing Number Munchers 
    • Looking at something called "The Internet" on a browser developed by students in Wisconsin in my class.
  • Then, later, I bought an IPod so that I could listen to music while running.  This still has an effect on me today, as I think that listening to music is a huge drive behind my running longer distances and enjoying racing.  David and I always listened to our IPods while we ran in college together.
  • Before law school, I decided to buy a Mac laptop, on which I wrote every single law school paper, exam, and note that I wrote.  Furthermore, my Mac has given me a creative outlet through blogging, other writing, and editing.
While I did not know Steve Jobs myself, his company had a large influence on my life, especially at the beginning of the information age.  


Sarah said...

I am also feeling sad about Steve Jobs. Someone posted on Facebook, "How many of you learned of Steve's Jobs's death on a device that he created?" That was a good point, because I read about it on my iPhone and Steve saw it on his iPad. I am thankful for his contributions to our lives!

Kathy said...

Abbie, those memories are interesting to read, and Tom and I were talking about the same thing yesterday. For example, when he bought an i-pod I was aggravated and thought it was a waste of money, but then I was amazed at how it improved my everyday life for years!