Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Our weekend

We had another wonderful weekend.  On Friday I made pizza (delicious) and we had a relaxing night at home!  On Saturday morning I went on a long run and that evening, I had my friend Jancin over for breakfast for dinner!  That evening we went to see The Help.  The movie was really good but the book was better (in my opinion!)  Then, on Sunday, we went to David's parents' house for their annual fireworks party!  It was a lot of fun and David enjoyed shooting off fireworks. 

 The Boys getting ready to set off fireworks
 The beautiful fireworks!

On Monday we came home and we did a bit of fall cleanup in the yard.  We will need to landscape our front yard again next year...we need a load of dirt, lots of gorgeous flowers, and shrubbery.  Any takers?

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Kathy said...

Abbie, I love the picture of the fireworks! I didn't realize you could take pictures like that.

I am listening to The Help. There are three different narrators and they do an excellent job.

You and Davey are lucky that you have one fun weekend after another!