Monday, August 15, 2011


We had another great weekend! This one was wonderful because I was at HOME and it was great to relax and enjoy a good weekend at home. On Friday night I went to yoga and then came home and made a pizza for us to enjoy.

On Saturday, I decided to try to run a really long run, so I ended up running an hour and forty minutes straight! It was nice, but I have no idea how many miles I went. The morning was beautiful and I figured that I should enjoy the great weather! For lunch on Saturday I went out to eat with friends on the Plaza and we did a little shopping. That evening, our friend Matt came to visit and we went out to eat with him and then came back home and reminisced about old times. Some of you followed Matt's blog while he taught in Abu Dhabi. It seems like he really enjoys it and he is going back for another year of teaching!

On Sunday morning, I went to yoga and ran and we went to eat pizza to celebrate my niece's third birthday. That afternoon I watched The Nanny Diaries (the book is way better, IMO).

Our weekend was wonderful and relaxing...I hope yours was too!

(Side note...happy birthday to my dad today!!!)

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Kathy said...

I always think the book is better than the movie, but today a library co-worker said the movie, The Help, is as good as the book. Our library owns 88 copies of that book, not counting books on cd and large print copies!

I'm glad we could be together for Allie's birthday celebration!