Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pie Making Sunday

This past Sunday, I decided to try to make some pie. I had been craving the stuff for two weeks since Pioneer Woman announced her contest for a pie class on her blog, so I decided that it was worth the calories to try to make some of my own.

I decided to make the crust with butter rather than shortening because I did not know if I actually had shortening.
I used this pie crust recipe, this strawberry pie filling recipe, and this peach pie filling recipe.
Once my crust was finished, I decided to make everything in muffin pans so that the pies would be miniature.

The peach pie was pretty good, but I did not follow the recipe exactly and I thought that the strawberry pie turned out better.
Really, pie making was no trouble at all and I would highly recommend that if you want to give a try you do. The most intimidating part is the crust, but I used my food processor to help with the mixing and it was super easy. You do make quite a mess, though!


Anonymous said...

Pioneer Woman now has her own show on Food Network. Mr. B.

Jules said...

What a great idea to make them in muffin tins for portion control! Sometimes I think about making pie, but I don't want a whole pie sitting around the house, begging for me to eat it. By doing it in the tins, I could even freeze some for a sweet treat at a later date. Thanks for sharing! :)