Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New face wash

HOW did I go so long without using Cetaphil?!?! I have heard other people say that they use it in the past but I never tried it because I assumed that I would need more heavy-duty skin care. Then, when I was on a weekend getaway, one of my friends let me use hers (I always forget face wash) and I was hooked from that moment on! The wash is so gentle on my face that I don't feel bad washing it multiple times a day. My skin looks and feels more moisturized. I am now a convert.

What face wash do you use?


Kathy said...

I've used Noxema ever since I stopped using bars of soap. I have never considered using anything else. I guess I'm not even aware of what else is out there!

Well-Sugared Student said...

Cetaphil, but I like the bar even better than the liquid. It seems to take off my eye make-up better without hurting the delicate skin under my eyes. Give it a try. Plus, then you can have a cute soap dish.