Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Favorite Summer Items

I love so many things about summer...personally, I do not mind the hot weather and the sticky humidity. I try to enjoy it while it is here because I know that in a few months I will be dreaming of heat! (Truthfully, I love all four seasons and could never live in a place that does not experience winter, spring, summer, and fall.) I thought that I would share a few of my favorite summer things:
1. Fro Yo....delicious.
2. My morning runs in the heat...I have been seeing a lot of wildlife this summer! This morning, I saw a doe and her fawn with a cute spotted rump. A few weeks ago, I saw these ladies:
3. Gelato (can you have two forms of ice cream on one list?)

5. The cicadas singing at night
6. Yummy BBQ homemade
7. Walks outside with the dog
8. Pool time!
9. Long and light evenings
10. The HEAT!

What do you love about summer?

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Abbie, I think it is funny that my inspirational chapter for the day was called Keep a Contented Heart. You are certainly doing that with this warm summer, when most people are complaining about the never-ending heat!