Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cleaning out my closet

I want to totally revamp my closet by painting it, cleaning it out, and organizing my jewelry into some sort of manageable and working system. But it is SO hard to start!

I tried reading some books about cleaning out your closet and figuring out what to keep, etc., but the task seems so overwhelming. I think that I first need to purge, then clean, then paint it (if I decide to paint it after all...David says I'm crazy for painting a closet, but I think it would look cool in a soft gray color!).

Do you have any tips? Help!

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Anonymous said...

Do you read ? In addition to just being darn good readin', Sally does a lot of posts about wardrobe variety, culling, organization, and storage. You can easily fall waaaay into her archives (it's great stuff!) :-)

PS>Don't listen to David. Dove grey would be beautiful :-)