Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brain Dump

  • My husband is vacuuming right now while I write this post. I secretly dislike vacuuming a LOT, so this is a treat for me. I just dusted, which I actually enjoy. What house chores do you like and dislike?
  • The weather is gorgeous it was not too hot and not too cold. Perfect!
  • Even though we had gorgeous weather, I was in a funky mood today. It all started when I went running. I did not feel like running and was grumpy throughout my workout session. When I got to work, I wasn't grumpy, but felt draggy all day today. My co-workers said that they felt the same way, so maybe something was in the air. Weird.
  • When I got home, though, Paco greeted me with a wagging tail because he was so happy to see me. Who could stay in a draggy mood after that greeting?
  • I started reading The Help this evening, which is as good as everybody said that it was. I plan to read it after I finish writing this post.
  • My kitties are calling out for a snack, so I better go! Have a happy Thursday evening!


Bethany said...

It was in the air here, too!

Kathy said...

I don't mind doing dishes and laundry. I like making the bed. I really enjoy mowing the grass. That might be all the housework I like!

You know what--I grew up thinking one had to dust every single week, but at this point in my life, I only dust when we have company! You could try it and see if you even notice!