Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brain Dump

I love it when other bloggers do brain dumps, so I thought that I would give it a try today!

  • My eating habits have gone by the wayside again. With all of the vacations and fun weekends, it is really hard to eat in a healthy manner. For instance, this past weekend on Saturday, I ate enough Starbursts to feed a small lion. And why did I do that?! I don't even love Starburst! I wouldn't mind so much if what I was eating excessively was actual, real food. Instead, I snack on chocolate fun size candy bars, chocolate sauce at work, and Starburst. When I get home, I eat cookies and my husband's stash of brownies, M&Ms....the list goes on. I have heard of people getting off sugar cold turkey and I tried that one week....on Monday I said that I was not having any sugary sweet items (I could eat fruit) until Friday. There is no sense in limiting myself over the weekend, but that plan worked! Perhaps I will try it again next week. I hate how I feel after indulging in sweets.
  • Last night I went to a law school reunion happy hour. The entire time, I kept thinking of how grown up everybody looked and how weird it was that it was over a year ago that I graduated. I seriously cannot believe it. I love my job, though, so it is good to be in this new stage of life...just weird that I will probably not be a student again.
  • I am back to trying to spend only $50 a week in groceries. Last week, I spent $77, but that included some big-ticket items. For a while this summer, David went grocery shopping and kept going to Costco. I know that in many, many situations that store is a smart move, but we ended up spending way more money than budgeted during the summer months. This month I am trying to get back to the more frugal grocery shopping.
  • Last night, I used a Shout Wipe on my suit for work. It left a big watermark! Durn. I decided to handwash the suit because it said that I could on the tags....we shall see how that turns out. I hope I didn't ruin it.
  • Speaking of my work attire, I really need new work shoes. However, I just don't want to spend the moolah on them right now. It seems like it would be smart for me to invest in a really, really good pair of black heels, since I wear them every. day. Any suggestions? I always love Sofft brand but none of them really screamed "work appropriate" to me.
  • This weekend I really, really want to clean out my closet/drawers. I doubt that I wear 60% of the clothing in that closet, and it is always junky. I would love to get some sort of home organization system going in there. I would also love to paint my closet, but David says that it sounds like a waste of time. We shall see!
Those are all of my major thoughts right now. How is your week going?


David said...

You should try my method of just eating two M&Ms per day on the drive to work!

Well-Sugared Student said...

I like the Sofft brand too, but I found some nice black work shoes at Dillard's by Nuture. I was told they were a Dillard's brand of sorts. They seem to have some cute options too. Sadly, I didn't see the big display the last time I was at Dillard's, but I didn't look too hard either.

Jules said...

I am right there with you on the work shoes!! Right now my go-to pair are a little stretched out so they are not very comfy and are starting to look pretty worn but I just don't feel like shelling out for a new pair yet! Unfortunately, I've talked to a lot of girls at work about whether or not it's worth it to shell out for a pricier pair so maybe they'll fit better or last longer and it seems like unless you jump a couple of price points (I can't bear to spend in the triple digits on a pair of shoes), you need to be more in the range of at least $250+ for it to really make a difference in how well they hold up. :(

Anonymous said...

RORO said---glasd to be out of the hospital AGAIN! Did you try Marshalls for shoes and my other friend swears by Nordstom!