Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shower Decor

I had a wonderful time planning the shower for this weekend and I thought that I would share a little bit of the decorations I used!

First of all, I did NOT spend very much money on decorations and I was really proud of myself for that. I borrowed the dishes I did not own, I used flowers from our own rose bush, and I bought a few things, but not too many. Since the shower was in my house, I thought that I could keep the decorations to a minimum as I did not have to decorate a hall or something similar.

The drink table:
I served the following:
- Ginger lemonade: This lemonade is delicious but it was not a big hit with the crowd.
- Sparkling grape juice: I bought this because the shower included a wine tasting and someone was not yet 21!
- Champagne: I've been to another shower with champagne and it was gone within a half an hour, but this time nobody but me drank any and I only had one glass! Too bad.
- Wine: I bought a bottle of red wine for the group and one person had a glass.
- Skinny Girl Margarita: EVERYBODY wanted some of this. Seriously, I poured every guest a glass and it was finished. I should have skipped the champagne and bought another bottle of this stuff. It is very delicious, in my opinion, and a great summer drink.

Fluffies:I went on a hunt for fluffies (the decorations you see above) and my local party store was out of them. In fact, the checker lady laughed when I said that I wanted them and would not hold a pack for me because "they sell out too quickly."

Then, I tried going online, and the only colors available were multi and white. I quickly ordered them in white and I am glad I did! They were super cute. Arwen helped me assemble them (above). My parents and David joked that they have heard more about my quest for fluffies in the past month than anything else, and I think that it is true!

Place settings:
I also bought these pink and green plates and napkins. I had some cutlery leftover from another party (always buy white!), so that was easy.

I served caprese salad, salami, cheese, crackers, salad, shrimp, and a chocolate tart. Everything was gone by the end of the meal.

Finished table setting:

Planning was a blast and I enjoyed myself immensely!

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