Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday

I think that David had a very happy birthday! On Thursday evening, we had our nieces and nephew over to baby-sit and had a little birthday dinner. I made ribs, a salad, and some zucchini. I asked David what he wanted as his birthday treat and he said that he wanted boxed brownies. Please don't ask me why, when I feel like I can bake pretty well, my husband prefers boxed brownies, but it was his birthday so I did not ask him questions!

On Friday evening we went to our local liquor store and made a build-your-own six pack of beer. This is one of our very favorite treats because we can try so many different flavors of beer. That night, we watched About A Boy.

The movie was really cute and I enjoyed it much more than I anticipated. That evening I made (guess what else?) pizza. I made buffalo chicken pizza and pepperoni. David and I decided that we liked the pepperoni best.

All in all, I think that David enjoyed his birthday very much! It makes me laugh to see our different styles of birthday celebrations. I like to go out and do something, but David prefers a quiet evening at home. It was fun to relax!


David said...

Your assessment is correct: my birthday was excellent!

Kathy said...

What a cute birthday picture!