Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Grumps

She is ALWAYS grumpy.
Do you ever get into the grumps? I was in the grumps twice this weekend and have no idea why. There is no reason for me to be grumpy!

On Friday, I was running errands and it seemed that I hit every. single. red. light. Then I decided to run to yoga and try to get to the grocery store after it was over to pick up some last minute things for my shower.

I brought a new shirt along but figured that even though I would be disgusting and sweaty after yoga, I could just quickly run into the store, grab my two items, and run out. As predicted, I was nasty and sick looking after yoga (seriously, I cannot describe the amount of sweat I produce during my literally drips from my body). I ran into the store, successfully found my stuff, and got into line. I debated between two lines: the first was the Express lane, but someone had JUST started to unload their groceries onto the belt. The second was a regular line, but the checker man had already almost finished with his checking duties and I could see a woman with her debit card in hand, ready to pay. While I was deciding, a mom with two kids came up and said, "oh you go ahead," to me, nodding at the Express lane. I saw her kids and said, "no, you go ahead," because I think that most moms probably want to get as far away from a grocery store as possible when they have their kids in tow.

I debated between the two lines and finally decided on the non-express line since the mom was now in the line. In the meantime, another guy came into the line behind me, penning me into the line.

Slowly, I realized that the woman in front of me, who I thought was almost finished paying, was actually bargaining her way out of the grocery store. "EXCUSE me," she said, "you forgot to scan this item...(holding up a block of cheese)...that means that it is FREE, doesn't it?" The old checker looked at her and said, "pardon me, ma'am?" while scanning the block of cheese. A checker behind him interjected, "it is free, you can't not scan it....and she knows that. Just type in your supervisor code." Of course the old man didn't know his supervisor code, so the other checker had to yell it out to him. Then he did something else wrong that the other checker had to correct.

Growing impatient and feeling REALLY bad for the people around me, I thought to myself, "it is okay....just stay calm. You will never see anybody who is here again, so it does not matter if they think you smell." Then I looked at Kate Middleton on a magazine until I realized that the woman had a stack of coupons in her hand. $%@$#!!!@#$%@$#^@!!!!

The checker man slowly, slowly, checked every single coupon and scanned it in, and then told stories about how much people save using coupons. This woman had at least 15 coupons. By this time, I was telling myself that I should not be impatient because this lady was saving money and it was something to be admired, not something that should anger me. However, with every coupon, the time ticked slowly away. I smiled at the lady and at the checker, because I did not want to be impolite, but I was grumpy and annoyed. I walked out, trying to hurry to my car.

I sometimes laugh to myself about how, whenever I know that I am being mean, rude, or just stupidly impatient, I get taught a little lesson. I was grumpy going out of the store for no good reason (I really did not have to be anywhere special, and the lady WAS at the store on a Friday, not on a really busy day like Saturday or Sunday, so I should not have been that annoyed), and then I heard someone calling my name. It was my sister-in-law with her three adorable children unloading out of the car! I stopped and visited with them for a little while. At that point, I chuckled to myself. Without the coupon lady, the slow checker, and the man penning me into the lane, I would not have gotten to see my family members and have a fun little visit. I thought that it was an apt lesson that sometimes annoying things happen for a reason!

On Sunday, I was grumpy again and went to yoga. Yoga always seems to help me get out of a bad mood....maybe it is the endorphins!!

What helps you get out of a bad mood? Do you ever feel that you are being taught a lesson?

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Kathy said... when I have 15 coupons at Wal Mart the people behind me in line are not admiring my clever thriftiness?! I would never say that about the free cheese, though. That seems like cheating to me.