Friday, July 01, 2011

American Girl Dolls


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Did you have an American Girl doll when you were little? Today I read this hilarious article about how your American Girl doll shapes the rest of your life.

When I was little, American Girl dolls were THE item to have. I remember spending hours and hours pouring over the catalog, dreaming about having a doll. I REALLY wanted one. Specifically, I wanted Kirsten because (like it says in the article!) I loved the Little House books.

I clearly remember actually getting my first doll. It was at my First Communion. My parents had a party after it was over to celebrate my sacrament and as my gift they gave me Kirsten. I remember unwrapping the paper around the package and seeing the American Girl box...and gasping. I was SO excited!

After that, I also got Felicity. These dolls provided hours and hours of entertainment for my brother and I. We used to act like they were our kids and we were Ma and Pa from the Little House books, that we were farmers, or that we ran a school. I always played with the dolls' hair, clothes, and other accessories. I loved them to death.

When I was older, we went to the American Girl store in Chicago. By that time, my younger cousin was old enough to love the dolls and she had a blast. I have to admit that while we were there, I was thrilled to look at the dolls, the accessories, and the books.

David does not get the big deal about the American Girl dolls, but I've made it pretty clear that he will just have to accept my desire to spend an irrational amount of money on a doll. Mine were well worth the money. Besides the fun I had with the dolls, and the fun memories I created, I am pretty sure that my memory of American History was pretty much shaped by the books.

Did you have an American Girl doll?


Mrs. Haid said...

I am excited to read that article!

Alas, I did not have a real one. I had a fake Samantha. Famatha I guess. I still loved her. My sisters had a fake Kirsten and Molly. Firsten and Folly (I wish we called them this!). We had such fun.

I am not sure the dolls are what they once were... they are ultra customizable and I don't know if I actually like that! So maybe Elsa won't have one. We shall see.

OR maybe I can find a REAL Samantha to give her!!! (me!)

Jules said...

I didn't have one of the dolls, but my sister did and it was definitely her prized possession (kind of still is! she won't let claire play with it even now, haha). I also read that same article and thought it was really cute!

Kathy said...

Abbie, I enjoyed your post and the article, even though I don't know one American Girl Doll from the other! Of course I like the idea that the dolls are based on books, and I like them more than the Cabbage Patch Dolls, which were popular when Sarah was young. I guess Davey and I have grown up to be "financially independent, level-headed, and unspoiled"!

Anonymous said...

No--I did not have an American girl doll~~~I had a Thumbelina and Tiny Tears and Chatty Cathy paper dolls. I loved my dols too but I don't think they cost an irrational amount of money. They were fun. I will admit that I bought Cabbage Patch dolls for my boys to play with! Can't wait top have a grandaughter someday!