Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Race Report: Hospital Hill Half Marathon

I ran in the Hospital Hill Half Marathon on Saturday. The race is known as being a really hilly race (hence the name), and it certainly lived up to the hype! While on the first 6 miles, I thought that surely the end would be all downhill because I felt like I was going uphill the entire way. Nope....the end 7 miles were also uphill. How do they do that?

Overall, the race was great. I thought that it was pretty well-run for how big it is (7,500 people). A few comments:

  • The beginning corral was really, really crowded. I was standing RIGHT next to the people around me (so close that we may as well have been touching). I felt hot.
  • Speaking of the heat, it was H-O-T. We had to be sure that we were drinking plenty of water and I even drank some Gatorade even though I NEVER drink Gatorade. At one point, I had to stop drinking it because I felt a bad reflex coming on, but overall the water plan worked.
  • The bathrooms....the bathrooms were horribly planned. Julie and I ran the race together and I think that at about mile 4-5 we decided to go to the bathroom. We saw a port-o-potty but decided to go to the next one because there was a big line. Big mistake. The next bathroom had an even BIGGER line and there was only one port! We waited in line for TWENTY minutes...which, if you are a runner, means that I now have twenty extra minutes added on my race time. No bueno.
  • Overall, though, I felt that the race course was interesting and I enjoyed it. I never felt like any particular mile was incredibly long, and I felt like I was in a good pace throughout the entire race.
Now I want to sign up for another half marathon!

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Kathy said...

When my mom and sisters and I walked in the St. Charles half-marathon, we made multiple bathroom stops. It seems like that bathroom break time should be subtracted from your official race time, doesn't it?!