Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My new friend

I have made a new friend. Whenever I go running, this guy starts to follow me:

He always chases behind me, wanting pets. I think he lives at a house along my route and wants to make friends while hunting.

I wish he would come to my house to hunt. Someone or something ate all of my impatiens (sp?) last night. Do my animals do anything?

Paco did conduct an olfactory investigation of the tree. The natural hunters did nothing. What is eating my flowers?


Well-Sugared Student said...

resist urges to kidnap the cat. Also, tell Arwen to stay away. Looks an awful lot like her long distance lover.

Anonymous said...

RoRo said could it be deer? or a squirrel digging them up?

Anonymous said...

It's the deer! Probably....
The price you pay for living in the wilderness there in KC!
Terri U

Anonymous said...

mom had lots of problems with deer eating some of her flowers. Found some stuff called "Deer Out" and it has worked some this spring and summer