Monday, June 20, 2011

Lake weekend!

Sorry for the long hiatus from blogging, but I just needed a break for the week last week. We had a great week, enjoying time with friends and family and summer in general. Why be inside blogging when I can be outside enjoying the hot summer heat? Anyway, I enjoyed my break but want to get back at it this week.

Last weekend, we went to the Lake of the Ozarks with my college buddies. We try to make the trip every year (last year was a bust, as two of us studied ALL summer long), and it is always a blast. I love hanging out with my friends, of course, but it is also fun to have the guys come and enjoy the weekend as well (and of course, soak up some sun)!

We ordered pizza, laid in the water, barbecued, and just enjoyed the lake. It was our friend Jeff's birthday, so we sang to him with a gorgeous cake made by his bride:

Of course the candles were trick candles. The smoke alarm went off:Funny thing is that we have ANOTHER picture almost exactly like this one....only in that picture I am waving a Vogue at the detector and this time I am waving an IPad....oh how times have changed!

Have belated birthday Jeff and thanks, girls, for another fun weekend!

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Kathy said...

That is really funny about the Vogue and iPad! I packed two books and four magazines (which I did not have much time to read) for our mission trip, while Tom only brought his iPad containing the 1,000+ page Les Miserables which he is reading! Sad to say, we saw quite a few iPads at the airports!