Monday, June 13, 2011

Kitty Birthday!!!!

My family has a friend who very much dislikes cats (crazy, I know), so when I was little I made my cat's birthdays the same day as hers. Happy Birthday, Cindy!!! And Happy Birthday, Thorina and Arwen!

We got these kitties from friends after they were born, so obviously figuring out their actual birthday would be a lost cause.
We probably won't really do much to celebrate, either....maybe just give extra appreciation for our little felines!Thorina will be 4 years old and Arwen will be 3.
Right now they are supposed to be on a diet, but in the course of the diet Thorina lost a ton of weight and Arwen (the fatter cat) gained weight.
Happy Birthday to my pretty kitties! I enjoy having them so much and hope they like it at our house!


Kathy said...

How could they not love it at your house?! I especially love the first picture.

Heather said...

I think your cats are beautiful. Maybe I can meet them someday. I know Thorina is not fond of strangers but maybe I could win her over. ;)