Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated Father's Day by going to St. Louis to see both of our families. It was fun to get away and enjoy a culinary tour of St. Louis! On Saturday we ate lunch at Rigazzi's on the Hill, which had delicious toasted ravioli. Then, we went to Ted Drewes frozen custard:

One word: yum.

After that, we walked around Francis park, the Galleria, and then went to the baseball game to cheer on the Cards against the Royals (although while we were at the game I actually cheered on the Royals, so I should have worn a blue shirt):
After the game, we enjoyed some White Castle! You either love it or you hate it...but I love it and I ate wayyyyyy too much!

We spent the night at David's parents' house and went to mass with his family on Sunday morning. After mass, we went out for some delicious lunch.

I am feeling like I need to detox after all of that eating! We had a great weekend.

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