Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Training again

I am starting to train again for a half marathon. My friend Julie and I are running one in June, and I am really excited for it. This will be my fourth half marathon, so I feel that it will be a little easier just because I know what to expect, I know that I have run three others successfully, and I have run this particular race course before.

So far my training has been going pretty well. I began running every morning. Over this past weekend, I ran six miles each day on Saturday and Sunday, which went pretty well. I feel like I need to keep it up until the race so I can be happy with the race result! I want to try to find another race for the fall as well.

Runners, any tips on getting a better time? I really hate training for a faster time.


Anonymous said...

To get a better time, run faster.

Sarah said...

I just finished a book called Run Less, Run Faster that I thought was very interesting and useful.