Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This video made me cry

How can anybody watch this without getting at least a little sad? I saw this commercial and had to make David watch it (my tactic did not work...we are not getting another cat---in fact, my cats are in a bit of trouble right now because they continuously attempt to get outside when we open ANY outside doors, making things pretty annoying around our house).

My favorite line? "I want...a warm belly to sleep on."

It is no secret that I absolutely love my pets. Pets are such good companions because they love you unconditionally. They really do not care if you look horrible, have no make-up on, wear outdated clothing, or if you have a fancy car. Pets just want you to give them a pet sometimes, feed them, and love them.

I was reminded of this unconditional love when I returned home from my weekend away and Paco greeted me by burying is little head in my neck while wagging his tail so hard that it looked like it would fall off. My cats meowed for food and ran to their food bowl, but that is another story.

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Kathy said...

I hope that commercial is very effective! We are doing our share by having two cats and a dog, but our pets don't get nearly the attention that yours do!