Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our weekend in pictures- Memorial Day edition!

We had a wonderful Memorial Day, and I hope you did as well! The long weekend was a much-needed break from work and officially marked the start of summer---and my season of wearing white skirts and shorts! Yay!

On Friday evening, we decided to celebrate the beginning of summer with a BBQ with some friends. We barbecued some bratwursts from a local grocery store along with foiled cabbage and other veggies.

Thorina pretended that she was in jail when we refused to let her outside (she is such a drama queen):
On Saturday, we went to see The Hangover II, which was really funny but very crude. I don't really know that I can go see a male-oriented comedy without feeling that way, though! Ha! The first movie was definitely better. Now, I want to see Bridesmaids.

That evening we baby-sat for our nieces and nephew. They always make us laugh. Case in point:

Nephew: So, when are you guys going to get married?

David: We ARE married.

Nephew: No you aren't. You just live here together.

Me: We are married! Your sister was our flower girl.

Nephew: (Sighing) No you aren't...you don't have any kids. When you get married, you do the dance on the dance floor and that's how you get kids. You guys don't have any kids, so you aren't married.

David: Close, but not quite right...

Finally, on Sunday, we roadtripped to STL for a wedding reception. On the way, we decided to engage in the Midwest Tour de Fast Food 2011.

First Stop: Sonic
Root beer floats, Sonic Blasts, and tots were consumed.

After crossing the Missouri River,
another stop was in order:

This would have been great EXCEPT for a VERY traumatizing experience.

Anybody who personally knows me is aware of the fact that I do not prefer cheese. Blech...it is so disguising. Anyway, I special ordered two 99 cent tacos from Jack in the Box without cheese, and David got his two regular tacos. I ate my first one and then started on the second, all the while bragging to David about how JitB never, ever messes up my special order (a rare occurrence, let me tell you). When I was about to take my LAST bite, I looked at my taco and saw a very weird yellowy substance on the shell and lettuce. I realized it was cheese. EEW EEW yuck, it makes me sick just thinking about it.

After expressing to David how much I wanted to throw up, he said that I was crazy and that he would have his tacos. After closer inspection, he realized that both of the remaining tacos had a "Special" sticker on them, meaning that I had consumed not one, but TWO cheesy tacos. Jack in the Box didn't mess up my order, but apparently you have to have common sense in order to avoid cheese while eating tacos. (By the way...that great diet I was bragging about last week? Down the drain over the weekend. Help!)

That evening, we attended a very cool wedding reception at a car museum:

After drooling over some Mercedes models, we enjoyed this cake (the bride and groom had a destination wedding but a local reception):
Finally, on Monday, we woke up, ate breakfast with David's family, and then headed home! I celebrated the holiday by cleaning my bathroom and enjoying more BBQ again for supper.

What a fun Memorial Day weekend!


Justine said...

HILARIOUS about the kiddos!!

Kathy said...

We were really happy to squeeze in a little visit with you guys on our busy weekends. I have two comments about this post. "Foiled cabbage" sounds hilarious to me! In that picture of David at the fast food restaurant, doesn't he have the most gorgeous blue eyes?!