Monday, May 02, 2011

Memorable Wedding Bridal Marches

I love weddings so much and all of this wedding talk made me think of famous wedding processionals. One of my favorite wedding movies is Father of the Bride and I absolutely love the bridal march in that movie. The perspective of the wedding from the father of the bride is hilarious and I always liked her dress.

Although I like Father of the Bride, my very favorite wedding scene comes from The Sound of Music. Maria's dress, the nuns, the church, the music: everything adds up to a beautiful bridal march. This scene is by far my favorite of the entire movie:

Finally, to round out the famous wedding marches, we have Catherine Middleton as she walks down the aisle to become a princess. What must have been going through her head at that moment? One of the best parts is seeing William and Harry on the altar with Harry joking with William just before Kate arrives.

I reflected a bit on my bridal march after seeing these videos. I remember being overcome with emotion thinking about how many times I had thought of walking down that same aisle in a wedding dress as a little girl. I remember thinking that it was one of the most important times with my father, and that I should enjoy every step.

When brides walk down an aisle at their wedding, not only are they the center of attention, but they are also walking from one life to another. The walk is so symbolic that I can never help shedding a little tear when I attend weddings.

Do you have any favorite bridal marches?


Anonymous said...

RORO said NO but thanks for the unique blog post. I love seeing your perspective and most of all you and Kerry that seems soooooo long ago!

Kathy said...

I love this post and your wedding symbolism, which never occurred to me. When I have time, I will go back and watch the videos, which I am impressed that you know how to post!
Don't forget, anybody who reads this--"A wedding is a day; a marriage is a lifetime!"