Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Losing it


Over the past year, I have tried to lose the weight I gained while I was in law school. After my first year of law school, I gained between ten and fifteen pounds. It was really disappointing to me because I knew that once I began sliding down that path, I probably would not be able to stop. So, for the past year, I decided to make it a priority for me to lose the weight so that I can start fresh while I am working.

Needless to say, I think that it took me much longer to lose this than the average person. I really dislike fad diets, so I was not willing to try one of those. I lost it all through healthy eating and exercise. There is really no other way!

How my eating habits changed:
Before I tried to lose weight, I would make so many meals with heavy carbs. For instance, a typical week would include enchiladas with Mexican rice, pasta with cream sauce, sloppy joes, and a chicken casserole with rice. I learned that I CANNOT eat like that and expect to lose the weight. Now, I try to cut the grain consumption and eat vegetables, fruits, and meat for supper. In no way am I totally cutting carbs...for instance, this past Sunday, we enjoyed a delicious pasta dish, and I also eat a lot of fruit, but cutting the rice and pasta has helped tremendously.

Also, I really try to make it a rule that I do not eat anything but fruit before noon. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Fruit is a really good source of energy, though, and I have sort of become addicted to this. Every morning, I make a smoothie out of blueberries, two oranges, and a banana (appx. 200-250 calories). In the middle of the morning, I eat an apple (about 50 calories). If I get hungrier, I eat more fruit. This sets me up for a really good eating day. I am usually successful during the week, but once a week I do enjoy a croissant at a breakfast meeting I have and on the weekends I sometimes eat pancakes. Overall, however, this works for me.

Finally, I eat a salad made out of cucumber, two tomatoes, and almonds for lunch and then enjoy a Green Monster smoothie mid-afternoon. These food items maintain my energy levels and are a good alternative to sandwiches.

How my exercise habits have changed:
Two words: Bikram yoga. I cannot tell you how much I love this yoga and how good it makes me feel. This past week, I was not able to get into the yoga studio for an entire week and I almost went crazy because I felt so...condensed. Yoga helps tone my muscles and gives my body more definition (I practiced in high school as well and my body responded really well to it). I still run, but I run less than I used to in law school.

I truly believe that everybody has a different form of exercise to which their body responds the best. I am convinced that mine is yoga. Some people can go to yoga for a year and not experience any results, but I really love it!

There you have it: my tips. I have a couple of pounds left to lose (5 tops), and then I want to maintain my weight. This will probably involve running a bit less, introducing more veggies into my lunch, and more calories through fruit in the morning.


Sarah said...

I never noticed your looking less skinny, but you do really look great these days. I agree with you about fad diets - they are a sure way to set oneself up for a lifetime of weight issues.

Kathy said...

Good for you, Abbie, even though you look fine in both pictures. When I was in college I gained weight too, and lost it all by being sick when I was pregnant with Sarah, and through nursing. After that I made the plan that it would be easier to just stay the same weight for the rest of my life rather than go up and down and up and down, which has luckily worked for me for the past 32 years. Unfortunately, it seems like it's never easy, though.

Danielle said...

You look awesome!!!! Congrats on losing the weight! :-)