Monday, May 23, 2011

Girls' Weekend

This weekend I had a girls' weekend with David's side of the family. We got together last year in celebration of David's grandmother's birthday and I think that it is turning into an annual event! I love hanging out with other girls for some fun, eating, and laughing. It is also a great time for me to get to know David's family a little better. Sometimes I hear stories and I start to realize where he got some of his interesting a love for The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The Three Stooges, and frugal nature. Apparently those are inherited qualities!On Friday evening, everybody arrived at my house and we ate some delicious BBQ chicken that David's aunt made. We also enjoyed some sangria!

On Saturday morning, we all woke up and went to City Market in Kansas City. There are so many interesting vendors, restaurants, and pretty crafts. Everybody tried Pieroguys Pierogies, but when I went to order it turned out that they did not have any without cheese. Therefore, I had to try an Italian deli instead. It turned out to be just fine because my sandwich was very delicious. I loved it. Everybody else said that the pierogies were very good, so I was somewhat sad to have to miss out. The owner did come up to me after, though, apologized for not having a vegan option (I didn't correct him) and said that they were developing something and would have it ready within a month. I thought that his gesture was really kind considering that I am picky by most adult standards!

While we were at the market, David's mom bought me these gorgeous flowers for hosting:Later that afternoon, we went shopping and then we went to get pedicures:
That evening we went out to eat and to see the play The 39 Steps, which was really funny. The actors were very creative and the use of props and the set was really hilarious. I loved it!

On Sunday morning, everybody packed up, went to mass, and left. It was a great weekend! I really love hosting people at my house. Now we have a bigger home and so it was fun to invite 8 people to stay for the weekend. Hopefully this weekend stays a tradition in the family.

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Kathy said...

Oh, Abbie, I enjoyed reading this. We did have a delightful weekend, and it was so nice of you and David to host us! I also loved the part about your getting to know David's family better and getting to understand him more! You should tell Steve that good plan, so he will want to join us on family vacations!