Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our weekend in pictures- Memorial Day edition!

We had a wonderful Memorial Day, and I hope you did as well! The long weekend was a much-needed break from work and officially marked the start of summer---and my season of wearing white skirts and shorts! Yay!

On Friday evening, we decided to celebrate the beginning of summer with a BBQ with some friends. We barbecued some bratwursts from a local grocery store along with foiled cabbage and other veggies.

Thorina pretended that she was in jail when we refused to let her outside (she is such a drama queen):
On Saturday, we went to see The Hangover II, which was really funny but very crude. I don't really know that I can go see a male-oriented comedy without feeling that way, though! Ha! The first movie was definitely better. Now, I want to see Bridesmaids.

That evening we baby-sat for our nieces and nephew. They always make us laugh. Case in point:

Nephew: So, when are you guys going to get married?

David: We ARE married.

Nephew: No you aren't. You just live here together.

Me: We are married! Your sister was our flower girl.

Nephew: (Sighing) No you aren't...you don't have any kids. When you get married, you do the dance on the dance floor and that's how you get kids. You guys don't have any kids, so you aren't married.

David: Close, but not quite right...

Finally, on Sunday, we roadtripped to STL for a wedding reception. On the way, we decided to engage in the Midwest Tour de Fast Food 2011.

First Stop: Sonic
Root beer floats, Sonic Blasts, and tots were consumed.

After crossing the Missouri River,
another stop was in order:

This would have been great EXCEPT for a VERY traumatizing experience.

Anybody who personally knows me is aware of the fact that I do not prefer cheese. Blech...it is so disguising. Anyway, I special ordered two 99 cent tacos from Jack in the Box without cheese, and David got his two regular tacos. I ate my first one and then started on the second, all the while bragging to David about how JitB never, ever messes up my special order (a rare occurrence, let me tell you). When I was about to take my LAST bite, I looked at my taco and saw a very weird yellowy substance on the shell and lettuce. I realized it was cheese. EEW EEW yuck, it makes me sick just thinking about it.

After expressing to David how much I wanted to throw up, he said that I was crazy and that he would have his tacos. After closer inspection, he realized that both of the remaining tacos had a "Special" sticker on them, meaning that I had consumed not one, but TWO cheesy tacos. Jack in the Box didn't mess up my order, but apparently you have to have common sense in order to avoid cheese while eating tacos. (By the way...that great diet I was bragging about last week? Down the drain over the weekend. Help!)

That evening, we attended a very cool wedding reception at a car museum:

After drooling over some Mercedes models, we enjoyed this cake (the bride and groom had a destination wedding but a local reception):
Finally, on Monday, we woke up, ate breakfast with David's family, and then headed home! I celebrated the holiday by cleaning my bathroom and enjoying more BBQ again for supper.

What a fun Memorial Day weekend!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial day!

Happy Memorial Day to you and yours! Here is to yummy BBQ, lots of sun, and happy times with family and friends! Thank you to the families of those who serve!

Arwen says to have a great day!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

So bad.

I am excited for the return of The Real Housewives of New Jersey this summer. Yayyyy! I know this is SUCH trashy TV, but I can't help but enjoy it.

Do you watch any of the housewives?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Losing it


Over the past year, I have tried to lose the weight I gained while I was in law school. After my first year of law school, I gained between ten and fifteen pounds. It was really disappointing to me because I knew that once I began sliding down that path, I probably would not be able to stop. So, for the past year, I decided to make it a priority for me to lose the weight so that I can start fresh while I am working.

Needless to say, I think that it took me much longer to lose this than the average person. I really dislike fad diets, so I was not willing to try one of those. I lost it all through healthy eating and exercise. There is really no other way!

How my eating habits changed:
Before I tried to lose weight, I would make so many meals with heavy carbs. For instance, a typical week would include enchiladas with Mexican rice, pasta with cream sauce, sloppy joes, and a chicken casserole with rice. I learned that I CANNOT eat like that and expect to lose the weight. Now, I try to cut the grain consumption and eat vegetables, fruits, and meat for supper. In no way am I totally cutting carbs...for instance, this past Sunday, we enjoyed a delicious pasta dish, and I also eat a lot of fruit, but cutting the rice and pasta has helped tremendously.

Also, I really try to make it a rule that I do not eat anything but fruit before noon. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Fruit is a really good source of energy, though, and I have sort of become addicted to this. Every morning, I make a smoothie out of blueberries, two oranges, and a banana (appx. 200-250 calories). In the middle of the morning, I eat an apple (about 50 calories). If I get hungrier, I eat more fruit. This sets me up for a really good eating day. I am usually successful during the week, but once a week I do enjoy a croissant at a breakfast meeting I have and on the weekends I sometimes eat pancakes. Overall, however, this works for me.

Finally, I eat a salad made out of cucumber, two tomatoes, and almonds for lunch and then enjoy a Green Monster smoothie mid-afternoon. These food items maintain my energy levels and are a good alternative to sandwiches.

How my exercise habits have changed:
Two words: Bikram yoga. I cannot tell you how much I love this yoga and how good it makes me feel. This past week, I was not able to get into the yoga studio for an entire week and I almost went crazy because I felt so...condensed. Yoga helps tone my muscles and gives my body more definition (I practiced in high school as well and my body responded really well to it). I still run, but I run less than I used to in law school.

I truly believe that everybody has a different form of exercise to which their body responds the best. I am convinced that mine is yoga. Some people can go to yoga for a year and not experience any results, but I really love it!

There you have it: my tips. I have a couple of pounds left to lose (5 tops), and then I want to maintain my weight. This will probably involve running a bit less, introducing more veggies into my lunch, and more calories through fruit in the morning.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Every Girls' weekend we make a memento. I think that every year, people sort of dread the exchange, thinking, "what will I make?" This dread is for no reason because every year, the memento exchange is everybody's favorite part of the weekend!

Luckily for me, this year, we decided to lift the restriction of homemade and allow people to buy some mementos if they wished.

This year, I received:
- a sippy cup with my initials
- magnet decorated clothespins for the fridge
- a cute crochet lamb
- a travel jewelry case...homemade
- stationery and an angel magnet
- planted flowers
- a vase with a paper flower
- a bracelet

I gave:
- two bud vases from Crate and Barrel

I love this tradition as well. Hopefully we can continue it every year!

Have you ever seen any cute ideas for a memento exchange?

Monday, May 23, 2011


Prayers and thoughts going to the families of the Joplin, Missouri tornado. Today I am thankful that two of my friends were completely safe. One of my friends had her apartment completely destroyed, but she was at work and is safe. I'm sure everybody there would appreciate any thoughts and support over the next few days.

Girls' Weekend

This weekend I had a girls' weekend with David's side of the family. We got together last year in celebration of David's grandmother's birthday and I think that it is turning into an annual event! I love hanging out with other girls for some fun, eating, and laughing. It is also a great time for me to get to know David's family a little better. Sometimes I hear stories and I start to realize where he got some of his interesting quirks...like a love for The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The Three Stooges, and frugal nature. Apparently those are inherited qualities!On Friday evening, everybody arrived at my house and we ate some delicious BBQ chicken that David's aunt made. We also enjoyed some sangria!

On Saturday morning, we all woke up and went to City Market in Kansas City. There are so many interesting vendors, restaurants, and pretty crafts. Everybody tried Pieroguys Pierogies, but when I went to order it turned out that they did not have any without cheese. Therefore, I had to try an Italian deli instead. It turned out to be just fine because my sandwich was very delicious. I loved it. Everybody else said that the pierogies were very good, so I was somewhat sad to have to miss out. The owner did come up to me after, though, apologized for not having a vegan option (I didn't correct him) and said that they were developing something and would have it ready within a month. I thought that his gesture was really kind considering that I am picky by most adult standards!

While we were at the market, David's mom bought me these gorgeous flowers for hosting:Later that afternoon, we went shopping and then we went to get pedicures:
That evening we went out to eat and to see the play The 39 Steps, which was really funny. The actors were very creative and the use of props and the set was really hilarious. I loved it!

On Sunday morning, everybody packed up, went to mass, and left. It was a great weekend! I really love hosting people at my house. Now we have a bigger home and so it was fun to invite 8 people to stay for the weekend. Hopefully this weekend stays a tradition in the family.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chicken attack!

We saw this rooster at the local QT. Why do you think that it was in the parking lot? I am thinking that it wanted some Corn Nuts.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wrap Dresses

I bought a wrap dress last fall and have been saving it to wear this spring/summer. It is my understanding that wrap dresses are supposed to flatter any figure, but honestly, I never thought I looked that great in them until I tried this particular dress on. It is just a dress from Banana Republic outlet, but I liked it so I bought it. I know that some of my buddies also dislike wrap dresses in general, but others can wear one and look super cute, tiny, and adorable. Does the fabric matter? Do you think you look good in this type of dress?

(Note: I ended up wearing my dress on Monday and almost had a wardrobe malfunction until I pinned the top!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our weekend in pictures

We had a great weekend.

It started out on a troublesome note...the cats are on a diet right now because they need to lose some weight. As a result, they are always hungry and go crazy at 5:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., their feeding times. On Friday morning I woke up to this:

They broke their cat bowl on the floor! Arrghh!

Next, David gave me these beautiful flowers for being so understanding while he studied very hard for another exam:
Two of us had hair appointments this weekend.
1. Me - I toned down my blonde highlights for the spring. My hair guy colored it a really pretty brown.
2. Paco - Paco's naturally orange fur is still intact, but the length is much, much shorter:

On Sunday evening, we went to a volleyball game, where David's team played and lost...I don't think that any of them cared....they were just there to have fun:How was your weekend?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Training again

I am starting to train again for a half marathon. My friend Julie and I are running one in June, and I am really excited for it. This will be my fourth half marathon, so I feel that it will be a little easier just because I know what to expect, I know that I have run three others successfully, and I have run this particular race course before.

So far my training has been going pretty well. I began running every morning. Over this past weekend, I ran six miles each day on Saturday and Sunday, which went pretty well. I feel like I need to keep it up until the race so I can be happy with the race result! I want to try to find another race for the fall as well.

Runners, any tips on getting a better time? I really hate training for a faster time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This video made me cry

How can anybody watch this without getting at least a little sad? I saw this commercial and had to make David watch it (my tactic did not work...we are not getting another cat---in fact, my cats are in a bit of trouble right now because they continuously attempt to get outside when we open ANY outside doors, making things pretty annoying around our house).

My favorite line? "I want...a warm belly to sleep on."

It is no secret that I absolutely love my pets. Pets are such good companions because they love you unconditionally. They really do not care if you look horrible, have no make-up on, wear outdated clothing, or if you have a fancy car. Pets just want you to give them a pet sometimes, feed them, and love them.

I was reminded of this unconditional love when I returned home from my weekend away and Paco greeted me by burying is little head in my neck while wagging his tail so hard that it looked like it would fall off. My cats meowed for food and ran to their food bowl, but that is another story.

Monday, May 09, 2011

My weekend

I had a great weekend! On Friday, I went home to my parents' house. We enjoyed some taco salad with some family friends (it was a very tardy Cinco de Mayo celebration). We laughed a lot and I slept so well that night. What is it about sleeping in your old house that makes you sleep like a log?

On Saturday, I went to see my Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle. My uncle just totally redid his house, and I got a home tour! Everything looked really pretty. The kitchen was my favorite part! That day I also went to a shower for my old baby-sitter's daughter. In many small town churches, women in the church give bridal showers for a church member's family member. Many church members attend as well as friends of the bride. There is always delicious food prepared by the ladies at these showers! This was no exception---they had little sandwiches, fresh, beautiful strawberries, and a lovely fruit salad. Delicious!

That evening, my dad grilled us steak and we relaxed all evening long. On Sunday, I woke up, ran, and went to mass with my family. While on my way home, I met a law school friend who just announced that she is expecting! I am so thrilled for her and happy about her fun news.

When I got home, I quickly ran to the grocery store and relaxed all evening long.

Happy Belated Mother's day to all of you mothers out there! What did you do to celebrate the weekend?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

(More) Music I like!

Here are the videos to more songs I am loving:
Pink Martini- "Hang on Little Tomato"

Amos Lee- "Sweet Pea"

Jack Johnson- "Do you Remember"

MGMT- "Kids"

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Today it seems kind of silly to post about make-up and fun weddings. For the past day or so, the victims of 9/11 have been on my mind. I hope the families of the victims realize that Americans are still thinking of them. I heard an interview of a father who lost two sons in 9/11 today on NPR and it made me cry. The pride he felt for his sons who both risked their lives to save others permeated through the airwaves (one served in NYPD and the other served in NYFD). The pain he still felt this week was enormous.

Those who place themselves in dangerous situations to help others possess more courage than I can imagine. Today, I am praying for them and thanking them.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Memorable Wedding Bridal Marches

I love weddings so much and all of this wedding talk made me think of famous wedding processionals. One of my favorite wedding movies is Father of the Bride and I absolutely love the bridal march in that movie. The perspective of the wedding from the father of the bride is hilarious and I always liked her dress.

Although I like Father of the Bride, my very favorite wedding scene comes from The Sound of Music. Maria's dress, the nuns, the church, the music: everything adds up to a beautiful bridal march. This scene is by far my favorite of the entire movie:

Finally, to round out the famous wedding marches, we have Catherine Middleton as she walks down the aisle to become a princess. What must have been going through her head at that moment? One of the best parts is seeing William and Harry on the altar with Harry joking with William just before Kate arrives.

I reflected a bit on my bridal march after seeing these videos. I remember being overcome with emotion thinking about how many times I had thought of walking down that same aisle in a wedding dress as a little girl. I remember thinking that it was one of the most important times with my father, and that I should enjoy every step.

When brides walk down an aisle at their wedding, not only are they the center of attention, but they are also walking from one life to another. The walk is so symbolic that I can never help shedding a little tear when I attend weddings.

Do you have any favorite bridal marches?