Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter


My favorite service of the entire year is on Good Friday. The solemn celebration is the most moving to me during the Easter season. During this service, I enjoyed singing many Easter and Lenten-themed songs.

I should add that I was asked to join the choir at my church that evening by a parishioner who I think must have been in charge of some sort of music group. Of course, I was thrilled and said, "oh no, I am not that good of a singer," because I am really not that good. After that, the person who asked me said, "well, we need young people and individual voices don't really matter. It is how they all sound together that counts! And I can tell that you REALLY liked singing."

So basically, I sing in at a loud volume and am so bad that a woman gave me a pity choir invite.

Happy Easter to you and yours! I hope that whatever you are doing, you are happy and enjoying the gorgeous springtime weather.

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Kathy said...

When we moved so frequently, I used to join my church choirs to make friends in a new parish. The singing was a nice bonus. Maybe that lady wanted to make friend with you!